Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Hot Copy Paste 9.2 has been released

  • New: Japanese interface language has been added. Almost all user interface languages have been improved.
  • New: The Additional Information setting has been added for the clipboard manager. You can select which information will be shown for every clip: Size, Date&Time or Source.
  • New: Added support for jpg, png, gif and bmp to show in "Filter: Pictures" when you have right clicked on a picture and clicked on "Copy picture" in browser, mail or any other program that can display pictures.
  • New: The "URL" filter has been added that shows all clips that start with "http://", "https://" or "ftp://".
  • New command line parameter /EVENTLOG has been added. It instructs the application to create different log files for every startup.
  • Improved support of High DPI Displays on devices like Microsoft Surface, when "Size of text, apps, and other items" is more than 200%.
  • Improved: An additional check has been added that prohibits the launch of multiple instances of the program.
  • Improved: The Data Directory for the clipboard manager can be shared among multiple users. When data is changed by one user, the data is updated for other users. You can also use a shared network folder, or a service like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Improved: The label "Name:" has been removed for named clips.
  • Fixed the issue when editing text clips in the clipboard manager: a space was inserted after the first letter.
  • Fixed: Sometimes identical fragments appeared in the clipboard manager.
  • Fixed: Now the clipboard manager is displayed next to the text cursor when necessary.
  • Fixed: Now the clipboard manager is hidden on the login screen in Windows 10.
  • Fixed an issue with computer restart.
  • Lots of other fixes and improvements.
Download new version: Hot Copy Paste.